Can I edit current playing queue content ?

Basic version

No you can't

Full version

The current playing queue is actually a default playlist which has no name, and which is replaced each time you play a new album, artist, song... unless you give it a name (it is then stored as a normal playlist).

You can edit it as any playlist by choosing the Edit queue option in the top right menu (or the pen icon for wide screens).

Then all the editing options of a normal playlist are available.

Among others :

  • short press on a song starts to play that song, as it does on the queue of the main panel,
  • short press on an album displays the content of that album,
  • short press on an artist displays the albums of this artist,
  • long press on an artist or an album allows to replace it with its content using right top menu.

If you click on the pen on the top left, you can give it a name and make it a normal playlist you will be able to restore later.

Notice that if you are playing one of your playlists, the queue and the playlist are the same thing, so this function modifies the actual playlist being played (and not the temporary queue). In this case, the name of the playlist being played is displayed next to icon pen so you know what you are doing.