Electro pop song

 Synths made with MOLOSS II

Lyrics :

I'm thinking of my life, the way it used to be

Remembering the things that counted for me

In a kind of heaven that I can't quite see

But that I know was real, and that I still believe


I'm thinking of the days when I was young and free

A world full of wonder, a world of possibilities

When the future was bright and anything could be

The sky was the limit and no one could stop me


I'm thinking of people who were once close to me

Who shared my dreams and hopes, my fears and memories

All who laughed and cried, who loved and lived with me

Those who made who I am, and who I'll always be


I'm thinking of moments that have just slipped away

The chances not taken, the words left unsaid

The triumphs, the failures, the joys along the way

Wondering what might have been, if I had been more brave


I'm thinking of the future, of what it might hold

The laughs and the sorrows, the stories to be told

The people I'll meet, all that places I'll go

I'm excited to see what future will unfold